1- 195/60R15" Dunlop 99 bucks,
4- 185/65R15 Kumho's, 400 takes a set.
4- 195/60R15" Falken's 500 takes a set.
6- 195/55R15" Aurora's 125 ea.
1- 205/60R15" Dean Stinger 99 bucks
2- 205/65R15" Sigma's 250 takes the pair.
0- 205/65R15" Gislaved 600 takes a set .
4- 205/60R16" Wanli's 400 takes a set.
2- 215/55R16" Herc's 250 takes the pair
2-215/60R16 Aurora's 250 takes the pair.
2- 215/60R16" Sigma's 250 takes the pair.
1- 215/60R16" Marshal 99 bucks
0- sold out
0- sold out
0- sold out
2- 225/55R16" Sumo's 250 takes both
2-225/70R16 Achilles 250 takes both
2-235/70R16 Westlakes 250 takes both
5-235/65R16" Aurora's 150 ea.
1-245/70R16: Dean Stinger AT 150 takes it
0-245/70R16" Primewell AT's 300 takes both
1-265/75R16 Taiga 150 takes it.
4-205/40R17 Goodrides 400 takes the set.
4-205/40R17" Venezia 500 takes the set.
2-215/65R17 GT Radials 300 takes the pair
2-215/50R17" Dean Stingers 400 takes the pair.
2-245/55R17" Rikens 250 takes the pair.
1-255/75R17" GoodYear 125 takes it.
1-235/45R20" Herc a/s 200 takes it
0- sold out
2- 195/75R14" Kumho Solus list @ 129 ea. 99 ea.
6-275/60R15" Kumho STX list@ 281 ea 400 pr
0-245/75R16 Mud Hogs,10 ply list412.34ea set sold out
0- 265/70R16a/s Trail Climbers list@ 283.14 ea 800 set
2- 215/50R17Vrated milestar sports list@ 177.26ea 250 pr
2' 215/55R17 WratedXL Minervas list@182.94ea 250 set
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We are the only tire store on the planet to put a 90 day warranty against defects and road Hazard on our good used tires, if we mount them. [10 bucks each] Many sizes available [+/-] in New as well as Good Used Singles, Pairs and Sets. 8"- 20". {FREE brake and steering checks]. At least 50% tread remaining,and, many are near new takeoffs. We have monthly specials, on prepaid orders, @ below wholesale prices. Mon-Sat 8-6. Ask about Fleet and Military Discounts. We offer financing on larger purchases.